Financial Planning for Professional Athletes and Coaches

Stone Hill Financial has experience assisting Professional Athletes and Coaches with establishing a financial plan to manage their wealth and long-term financial security.  We advise active and retired players and coaches with the understanding that there is not a one size-fits all financial strategy that can meet the needs of every individual.  

Our team works closely with each individual to understand their specific contract, professional desires as well as short and long-term financial goals. We are committed to providing a financial plan for a secure retirement that lets you focus on the game today and not worry about your finances tomorrow!

Stone Hill Financial Advisors are securities and insurance licensed in many states and will continue to work with you regardless of where your professional contracts may take you. Specifically, we will help you with:

As your financial advisor, we take the time to get to know you, your core values, and your personal financial goals.  Nothing can replace a personal relationship with a trusted advisor who understands your goals and objectives.  The service that Stone Hill Financial will provide reflects what is most important to you, pinpointing your financial objectives and identifying specific strategies for turning your dreams into realities.




Stone Hill Financial is a proud sponsor of the NFL Alumni Central Jersey Chapter. The focus of the NFL Alumni is to serve, assist, and inform players in their post-NFL lives.